just because i don’t follow u back doesn’t mean i think u have a shitty blog. you might just have posts/fandoms/stuff i don’t really want on my dash. and hey, that’s fine. it’s YOUR tumblr you’re here for you and that’s goodgreatawesome

but please don’t think me not following you back means i hate u 5ever and that u can never inbox me or reply to my posts or follow me on twitter or something b/c that is not what it means at all

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truth, .

“Every once and a while, a beta can become an alpha without having to steal or take that power. They call it a true alpha.”

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Hello there, dear visitor! Welcome to our Tumblr Awards!

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when my friend told her drug dealer that she was transgender he immediately started using the correct pronouns for her and her parents dont so theres an issue there

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I just re-got QuizUp

But I forgot my stuff so I had to restart

And I lost my stats

So come play me on Game Of Thrones or Teen Wolf or Harry Potter

Trying to build them back up

Username: caleb

(literally it wasn’t taken and I was like woah)

Also my icon is a little owl


i drew arashiau a sciles pic because i wanted to lol, and because it’s her otp

and partly because we’re still excited from the finale haha

scott and stiles <3

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scott and stiles touching in 313 “anchors”

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One of those sketches I’ve been keeping in scrap folders without posting.  You know, I never imagine either of them being very ~romantic~, not even Stiles, but maybe Derek does some rare sweet gesture and he can’t really help it then.  And embarrassing him in front of the pack is like a bonus.

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